For the health and safety of everyone, we need plumbers to perform the work they do. A plumber installs waste and ventilating systems, drinking water and wastewater treatment systems. The systems they install can be found in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and businesses.

As society continues to stress the importance of green technologies, there will be a greater demand for plumbers in the upcoming years.

The UA Local 100 JATC training program provides our apprentices with a high-quality classroom education to help them learn their trade. They also receive mandatory OSHA safety training to keep them safe on the jobsite.

During the apprenticeship, you will reinforce what you learn in the classroom by working everyday in the field bridging the gap between knowing and doing. The apprentices will also receive wages from day one and they will increase every year, tuition free education, and other security and health benefits.

Become an Apprentice Today

To receive an application packet, you must attend an orientation meeting for new applicants. Learn more by contacting us.